Highway 49 Bridge Out

bonnie kalmbach bjkalmba@FACSTAFF.WISC.EDU
Thu Jul 17 09:00:18 EDT 1997

At 05:16 AM 7/17/97 -0500, Tom Claypool wrote:
>The bridge over the Mississippi between Mississippi and Helena was
>struck by a barge and has been closed for an indefinite amount of time.
>Please take note of this if you are driving in for Sunflower or other
>purposes.  This could be short-lived, but they act as though there is
>some real concern about the supports handling the load.  The next
>nearest crossings are Greenville and Memphis.

Thanks for the info; maybe they'll resurrect the ferry :-)

One of my favorite anecdotes in "Deep Blues" concerns
Sonny Boy and Robert Jr. Lockwood outracing the
highway patrol in Robert's souped up '39 Pontiac;
they had to catch the last ferry of the night to Helena.
The ferry was already several feet from the dock as
they approached but they gunned the motor and the
car shot over the water and landed on the deck.
The cop got out his bull horn and ordered the ferry captain
to turn around but he just kept on going.

One of the ferry captains was Conway Twitty's father,
but the story doesn't mention his name. He also ran a club
on Moon Lake, not far from Helena on the Mississippi side,
I believe, where Frank Frost and other locals have played.


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