Who can outperform whom

Poul K. Faarup upkf@gallup.dk
Thu Jul 17 04:37:00 EDT 1997

Re. our conversation below

As I said in a former mail:
Poul is God
(now start spraypaint it on the walls)

...if you get my drift   ;-)

Grey cat

> >PS: Clapton never uses his left hand little finger when playing
> >soloes - which teoretically is a real blunder.
> >So he's only 4/5 as good as humble me who uses  all 5 left-hand
> >fingers....
> I know you are playing "devil's advocate" by saying that, Paul.
> I have another example:  I got my first slide guitar lesson from Smokin'
> Joe Kubek.  Joe wears his slide on his middle finger.  Therefore, he
> can't fret while he's playing slide.  I wear the slide on my ring
> finger.  Therefore, I CAN fret behind my slide playing.  Also Joe can't
> fret with his little finger whereas I can.  But I would NEVER EVER claim
> to be anywhere near as good a guitar player as Joe no matter how good I
> get. I just took what he showed me and did my own thang with it.
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