Blues or Rock Which is it?

Wed Jul 16 21:39:33 EDT 1997

On Wed, 16 Jul 1997, Tony LaCroix wrote:

>           -I think that, if a musician wanders from the roots of the blues,
> he or she is no longer playing blues, and should come up with a new name for
> what he or she is playing. By your reasoning, what we all call jazz is blues.
> I have played both music forms, and I get offended when somebody calls a big
> band tune blues. Muddy Waters is blues, Count Basie is not. Johnny Winter
> plays rock n' roll, however, he has played with Muddy and can distinguish
> between these two forms of music. Maybe we should ask Johnny Winter where to
> draw the line!

I'm pretty particular (read: purist) about what I like for the most part.
Our old rhythm guitarist used to drive me up a wall, he wasn't really into
blues, but could play the parts. Jazz was his main thing. He'd bring in jazz
tunes with whatever kind of improvisation and odd changes and say, "This
is 'a blues.'"  Maybe it's just me, but I found that  pretty damned annoying.

I guess it's like art...I know blues when I hear it.

J. J.


"Why don't you paint me up a school bus, and let me go
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