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Marguerita Lopez tanner@CTS.COM
Wed Jul 16 20:10:39 EDT 1997

Welcome to another episode of "As The Blues-L Turns".  Which asks the
questions:  Will Ruth Vadi finally convince "the list" that Max, though
mad, is magnificent?  Will she convince Max?  Stay tuned while she
carefully paraphrases and explains each post regardless of it's content.
Will she continue to profess her love for her detractors and critics.
Quite possibly she will.  And that's OK.  Everyone is entitled to their
opinion.  Everyone's right.  We all mean the same thing even though we use
words with completely different meanings.  Max always believes this.

Will Don Cicchetti quit his impressive high paying position at the
University and agree to finance an instrumental Mad Max blues ukulele album
and become Max's agent?

Will "Bob" get his money from "The Deadbeat" and still get to keep his old

Will we soon know the ages of all the list members and recognize the

Will the health minded and/or vegetarian subscribers quit going to blues
festivals and invest their vacation money in hog futures and start eating

Will Ian Angus continue coming up with the great one liners?

Will the good Delta Doctor ever get over the Moody Blues?

Please, come back tomorrow for another session on "The Great Internet Blues
Chat Line'', where you can say"hi" to your pals, jive with your gals and
share your good humor with folks from all locales.

I love all of you, even though you're strange.  You don't know how cool you
really are.

Gary Rex Tanner

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