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Don Cicchetti dcicchet@LASIERRA.EDU
Wed Jul 16 19:56:19 EDT 1997

Private Dribble,

Wasn't he that guy on "Gomer Pyle"?


Man, we are sure hoppin' today ain't we?

Hey, have any of you gotten the new Robert Cray disc?

It sure has gotten some good reviews.   Should I buy it?

I got a new Dish Network digital-tv satellite system for my home today, and
can't wait to go home and try it out.   Any of you have this sort of
system?   Like it?

We ordered BET (Black Entertainmnt Televison) because I saw BB on it once
at a friend's house.   Do any of you have it?  Is there much blues on it?

I sho' got a kick out of ordering it...  the guy on the phone must've
thought I was the whitest-sounding black guy he ever heard!

Y'all want a report on Dish Network or BET?

GEAR alert!

Got a new Denon pro CD player at a screamin' price...   It sounds
wonderful, has instant cuing, pro +4 XLR outputs, and lots of other stuff.
Very nice.

AND I have a new Lindy Fralin "Steel Core single coil" pickup on order for
the Eb white strat's bridge position.   It's supposed to sound like a P90
on the bridge, but fits right in the strat-sized hole.   I'll let ya know.
I'm going to pump it into the 4-12 Matchless and do the offishul "Live at
Leeds" test when I get it.   That test always tells the truth!

BTW, my wife is willing to write a review of my guitar playing *IF*
Freeland will pay pore ol' Bobby his money and send him an email or two....


(Hey!!!  any of y'all think Tom might actually want to **CENSOR** ole Bob???)



have a great night, and go kiss your sweeties, it's good for you!

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