Was Re: Maxed out....Kind of look; little "blues" real content?

Pete & Brenda Wulforst alesis@EROLS.COM
Wed Jul 16 19:07:40 EDT 1997

Eventually, I hope one day people will applaud the effort than any musician
> puts into the whole process that starts by his learning how to play his
> instrument of choice which then allows him to communicate those things that
> he cannot put into words.
> In fact, I hereby applaud all musicians of all types of music and the
> efforts that they expended in order to achieve the results that they share
> with us the listeners, whomever we are or wherever we are.
> regards,
> ddr

This is what it's all about!!  I arrived at this plateau relatively late in life, so I
guess I should be more patient with folks on this list and elsewhere who are quick to
dismiss a performer in any genre with a "SO and SO sucks" or "That's nothin; I could do
that".  Let's here ya! Whoops, there I go again.

After 33 years of playing guitar and listening to a wide variety of jazz, blues and
rock, I admire anyone who can play and or sing something and make it sound "good", by
which I mean just that : if its a 2-chord vamp or a sophiticated bebop tune with
multiple chord substitutions, etc.

This is not to say that everyone's on the same level - of course not.  However, in
addition to listening music that challenges me and makes me feel guitaristically
inadequate, I listen to al lot of music made by players with far less technique than me.
 Why? cause I really like the way it sounds, of course.  It's apples and oranges.  I
don't get the same thing from Big Jack Johnson or John Lee Hooker that I get from Alan
Holdsworth or Scott Henderson, but I need it all.

This group being what it is, I suppose it is natural for folks to want to try and define
the boundaries of blues, as they see them.  Fine, but you'll still be arguing about it
when I 'm too feeble to type or play the guitar.  And, why must some folks be so
judgemental?  I've gone on too long, but hope in rambling I've made the point I set out
to make.

                                        Later, Pete

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