Maxed out - QUIT IT ALREADY!!

Debra Clark
Wed Jul 16 17:44:39 EDT 1997

Come on guys - this is absolutely ridiculous and assinine.

Don made some good points - my eyes were starting to glaze over whenever I
saw "Max" - but I think the points have been made on both sides.  Ruth - it
really isn't necessary to "answer" everyone's comments.  This has ceased
being any sort of discussion and has turned into a pissing contest -- and I
don't want my mailbox clogged up with that.  Yes - I can hit "delete", but I
also don't want to have to scroll through 50+ messages of totally "blues
UNrelated" information to find something actually worth reading.  If you want
to continue - take this private PLEASE!

How have we again managed to stray so far from discussing blues?  How many
posts have we all deleted that merely mention everyone's age -- with 2 pages
of the "original" post included??  How many personal replies to posts have
been sent to however many hundred people on blues-list?  I don't expect to
open a message posted to the entire list and find it beginning "Dear

While I'm ranting.... why are some of you including so much of the original
message in your replies - these are often getting "three people's posts
deep".  I bet our list moms are having a field day with that.

On that note ... let's get back to discussing blues!

Debra "I'm usually very agreeable but enough is enough"

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