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ruth Vadi ruth_vadi@HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Jul 16 17:15:39 EDT 1997

>You know, if you find something offensive, delete, delete, delete.
>On the other hand, It's good to see that Ruth supports her guy, dude,
>man the way she does. As far as her comparing "loved ones to such lofty
>levels of achievement", why not. It's her opinion, she's entitled to
Thanks for the support, Brian.  However, I think part of Don's point,
that Max is not on the list, is a good one.  A couple other people have
said they'd like to hear from Max directly rather than me saying, "max
sez this, Max sez that."  And it's kind of inefficient for me to tell
Max "so-and-so from blues-l says to tell you that if you take your
TurboRat pedal and add a Mojohand Electronics googlaphonic chip, it will
really KICK ASS!" Then Max wants to know where the heck is Mojohand
Electronics located and I have to try to figure out who sent the message
and e-mail them his question.  So anyway, I set him up an e-mail account
and he should be subscribed to blues-l shortly.  If anyone wants to
e-mail Max directly, his address is  If he
doesn't get back to you right away, don't take it personally, he's busy
painting our motorhome this week.

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