Maxed out - fini

ruth Vadi ruth_vadi@HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Jul 16 14:43:19 EDT 1997

>He's not here, you are, and you are supposed to be a member of this
>you are supposed to care about this group, and you should know that we
>not here for you to -market Max- to, dammit!
>Can anyone have a conversation with you without being marketed to?
As I said before, that was a private e-mail to Harry and I didn't mean
it to go to the entire list.  I really didn't.  Can't you accept my

>Now I don't ever want to hear Max, ok?
I never said you had to listen.

>Imagine what would happen if Leonard's wife
>came on with "LW is just as good a Robert Johnson"

Maybe that would be kinda cool.  Then we could have a blueswives-l.

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