Blues and religion

Jos Potting
Wed Jul 16 14:34:39 EDT 1997

I guess some of you have an interest in this.
A week ago I received a cd from a collegue of mine. On it was a very
peculiar combination...

A local church choir here in the netherlands sings mainly gregorian or
latin songs during religious meetings (no gospel).
On this cd they combined two unfamiliair music styles (of which one of
them is merely unknown to the avarage dutch church choir): gregorian
texts with blues-music.
I was told that the director of the choir wrote the music and that all
members of the choir and their public during perfomances were
enthusiastic about the results .
If somebody is interested just let me know.


P.s.: it's a coincidence I presume but two weeks earlier I gave myself a
cd: Sacred Steel. Now I'll have to buy some gospel too.....

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