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Terry Forche Terry_L._Forche@HUD.GOV
Wed Jul 16 12:13:40 EDT 1997

At 09:34 PM 7/14/97 -0700, wildbill@ibm.net wrote:
>Y'all are a bunch of old farts!!!!
>I prefer to think of myself as a recent fart.

>"Let the Good Times Roll"
Scatman says:

>all right......wild bill and ian mentioned a word that is synonymous
>          = with dave sherman & the nightcrawlers.........yes
>          indeed.......part of = our promo package touts us as the
>          most flatulant band on the east = coast.....
>i am now warning all those in attendence to the poconos BBQ/JAM that if
>          = baked beans are part of the menu at the BBQ, no mercy
>          will be shown to = man, woman, or child in
>          attendence...........
>yes animal house lives.....even in the blues.........
Yes, it is true, I have been near this band when they are at the top
          of their flatulant form and it is amazing. Feedback from
          their P.A..

          I myself would never be so crude as to offend the
          sensabilities of the masses. (not):-)

          Remind me to tell about our trip to the King Bisquit. 900
          miles of green mist.


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