Nightcrawlers a GAS! (was Re: age - replyback)

Steve Levine Steve.Levine@CORP.WRGRACE.COM
Wed Jul 16 11:36:52 EDT 1997

>Yes, it is true, I have been near this band when they are at the top
>          of their flatulant form and it is amazing. Feedback from
>          their P.A..
>          I myself would never be so crude as to offend the
>          sensabilities of the masses. (not):-)
>          Remind me to tell about our trip to the King Bisquit. 900
>          miles of green mist.

This is from my long post about last year's King Biscuit Festival:

"I took some photos of the crew in front of the Mississippi Gas Company
(a very fitting picture, but I don't think you want to know why! I'll
just say that I'm kind of glad I flew down and didn't have to take the
long trip in the van with these guys!)  :-)"


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