Michigan Blues

Jeff Krentz bighead@globalbiz.net
Wed Jul 16 10:19:53 EDT 1997

>>For a tiny bit of info--I am from the Detroit area--and am not
>>an artist.  Just a bonified blues fan.
>>I wonder-- is anyone else on the list from Michigan?
>Dominic Forcella is a deejay in Lansing and has been a faithful
>blueseller for a long time.
>>- Ruth, wondering how the last 35 years went by so quickly

I'm one more Michigan Blues-L member, Barb.  I've been hanging around
on the list for two or three years now.

My favorite local performers are 

Robert Jones
Uncle Jessie White & The 29th Street Band
The Kenny Miller Blues Band

Favorite Blues Venue - gotta be The Attic!

I'm no artist either, just a great fan of the music.  I've got a CPA
firm in suburban Detroit.  The first time people come into my office,
they see my WALL of hundreds of CD's.  Usually a comment is made like,
"Ohhhh, you collect music huh?" as they frantically scan through them
looking for somebody they might know.  Unless they are fans of blues
and roots music, I can see their lips move as they scan ... "Barbeque
Bob, Big Bill Broonzy, Bukka White, Dave Alvin,Lightin' Hopkins, Bob
Gaddy, Lonesome Sundown, Missisipi Sheiks, Son House....who the hell
are THESE people - oh wait BB King, he was in a hamburger commercial,
right?"  Occasionally though, another closet music lover will be
discovered, and we forget about taxes and talk about tunes, so it's
worth it.

BTW there's a three day festival in Novi this weekend, a client of
mine called and said he had free tickets for me, but I've been so busy
I don't even know who is playing.  Supposed to be Friday, Saturday and
Sunday - I need to check this out.

Jeff Krentz

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