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Billy Chambless billy@CAST.MSSTATE.EDU
Wed Jul 16 09:16:27 EDT 1997

Jim Bradshaw wrote:

] I will risk getting flamed to a crisp and predict that someday we will see
] and hear a guitar player who will out perform Hendrix, Clapton, Vaughn, etc.

Is there like a benchmark, or what?

Given the three examples[1], maybe we *could* come up with a "performance
index" based on cumulative score on:

1. Most Albert King licks crammed into one solo
2. Most notes in one bar
3. Longest held notes
4. Most unrecognizable cover of a traditional blues tune[2]
5. Longest time keeping a Stratocaster somewhere near in tune

Or maybe we should give up, blow off "performance" comparisons,
and just think about music. Some of my own favorites aren't all that
technically brilliant, but they evoke emotion. Kinda hard to measure
that, eh?

] To paraphrase Clapton, They are not God, just guitar players, and it is fair
] to compare guitar players, even the innovators, legends, and  grand masters.

Hmmmm...depends on how you define "compare". Personally, I enjoy
listening to various blues *and* rock people and looking for the
influences[3], but I find it difficult to come up with any kind of scale
for "better" or "performance".

But hey, maybe your idea of better is better than my idea of better!

[1] Not to slag any one of those guys; I listen to all three
[2] Like that Lynyrd Skynyd song that Cream did. ;)
[3] Duane Allman's first solo on "Have You Ever loved a Woman" with
Derek and the Dominos is pure Muddy to me.
"The bottom line on experience is this -- do you get 10 years of experience
or do you get 1 year of experience 10 times?"
        --- Steve McConnell  in _Code Complete_

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