Dougie Robb robbd@VYGER.ENET.DEC.COM
Wed Jul 16 07:01:29 EDT 1997

Well, there have been some daft subjects on this list over the last few months,
but at least I feel I can muster up the courage to reply to this one without
fear of losing 'it' - I've been a 'zeller now for what must be coming up on
4 yrs., and although I'm very much an occasional poster, the amount of info.
I've gleaned about the blues, r'n'b, soul and even jazz has been truly
remarkable (and yes, my bank account has suffered accordingly!!).

Wish I could have discovered more when I was younger (but then I would've missed
out my glam/pop/disco/funk/reggae/MOR phases  ;^)  :*)

- Dougie (41 yesterday)

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