Maxed out....

Poul K. Faarup
Wed Jul 16 04:53:14 EDT 1997

Jim wrote...

> I will risk getting flamed to a crisp and predict that someday we will see
> and hear a guitar player who will out perform Hendrix, Clapton, Vaughn, etc.
> To paraphrase Clapton, They are not God, just guitar players, and it is fair
> to compare guitar players, even the innovators, legends, and  grand masters.
> Jim Bradshaw

Now I really don't understand this.
Outperform ???
Isn't that the term they use in the car industry?
or when producing engines?
I only applies to music when you think of technical abilities, and
who whats to spend time on this when it comes to feelings and
Now, I once saw BB King on television talking to Bono from U2. It was
about his appearence with U2. Looking down he said he really couldn't
play rhythm (personally, I think he even doesn't know cords).
Bono said, don't mind we have The Edge for that.
But is the moral of this story that almost every guitarpalyer in the
world is better than BB because he's a real beginner when it comes to

You don't outperform Jimi, SVR, BB etc.
You just wish you one day can play something that sound as good and
evoke emotions as well as when they played.

Grey cat

PS: Clapton never uses his left hand little finger when playing
soloes - which teoretically is a real blunder.
So he's only 4/5 as good as humble me who uses  all 5 left-hand
Poul K. Faarup

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