Blues Lyrics: Dust My Broom

Poul K. Faarup
Wed Jul 16 04:00:13 EDT 1997

Oh no Tony, you don't mean that.

I feel sure on that  Dust my Broom is about some (more or less)
intimate happenings between a man and a woman.
According to my knowledge, quite a few of the older blues songs have
lyrics that operate in several layers.
And one of them is about sexual matters.

And by the way, would anyone think that the 60'es Bubble-gum-hit
Yummi-yummi is about a thummy
 (where they sing: yummi, yummi, I got love in my thummy...)

At present (ie. at work) I can't come up with other examples, but
perhaps someone can help.

Grey cat

> I always thought the song was about getting a fresh start. What could be
> fresher than a clean broom?
> > From:          Tony LaCroix <>
Poul K. Faarup

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