Leadbelly movie

Wed Jul 16 01:09:50 EDT 1997

At 13:51 7/15/97 CDT, LW at ISTS024@UABDPO.DPO.UAB.EDU wrote:

>It sure would be great for someone to make a decent & factual movie on some of
>the great bluesmen.

Unfortunately, documentaries are rarely profitable.  I suspect a blues
documentary would be doubly so.  Witness the Robert Johnson documentary
starring Kevin Moore (Keb' Mo') which has been in the can for over 10 years.
They are still looking for a distributor, cable, or video deal.  Not enough
car crashes, I guess.

I, too, saw the Leadbelly film for the first time, thanks to the post here
on blues-l.  I thought it was interesting that they ended the film just
before he went on to his greatest successes and acclaim.  Maybe they were
thinking sequel.  I'd like to see that sequel, even with the historical
inaccuracies and Hollywood soundtrack.

Don O.

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