James Peterson tour

Wed Jul 16 00:40:32 EDT 1997

You know, I'm all for supporting James, but don't knock us peons who will
be performing that same night at the "other" clubs (smile).


At 10:00 PM 7/14/97 EDT, Dave Carpenter wrote:
>Message text written by Stephanie Manna
>>James Peterson is heading out this Wednesday for an extensive tour. Hope you
>will be able to make a show.<
>>7/25 Split Rock Resort,Lake Harmony,PA<
>Attendance at this show is mandatory for all Blues-L members attending the
>Poconos fest who aren't going to the BBQ. Failure to do so will result in not
>only loss of privilages for the festival weekend, a two year suspension from
>Blues-L, and a fine of up to $10, 000.00, but will also cause the subject to
>miss one of the highlights of the weekend. Get Thee to church, James is
>Dave Carpenter - WHUS-FM

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