Maxed out....

Delta Doc Roger deltadoc@BITSTREAM.NET
Tue Jul 15 21:41:07 EDT 1997

Don, While I vehemently don't agree with you on at least one subject, I
have to give you another tremendous "WELL DONE" on the insight and eloquent
yet simplistic manner in which you responded to the post about who's better
than whom.

I agree, music is an expression by a person to the best of their ability to
emote what is in their heart.

Eventually, I hope one day people will applaud the effort than any musician
puts into the whole process that starts by his learning how to play his
instrument of choice which then allows him to communicate those things that
he cannot put into words.

In fact, I hereby applaud all musicians of all types of music and the
efforts that they expended in order to achieve the results that they share
with us the listeners, whomever we are or wherever we are.


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