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Don Cicchetti dcicchet@LASIERRA.EDU
Tue Jul 15 20:35:42 EDT 1997

Jim said:

>I will risk getting flamed to a crisp and predict that someday we will see
>and hear a guitar player who will out perform Hendrix, Clapton, Vaughn, etc.
>To paraphrase Clapton, They are not God, just guitar players, and it is fair
>to compare guitar players, even the innovators, legends, and  grand masters.
>Jim Bradshaw

Sounds reasonable, but it is really quite impossible to compare players.
It is more meaningful to state what we like, and why, than why someone is
"better" than another.   Better at what?

Richard Thompson is the best Richard Thompson in the universe, don't you think?

No one can play like anyone else.

The "Clapton is better than Hendrix - no way Hendrix was better" (or insert
your own names) discussion is so absurd (and boring) that I do not see why
people enjoy doing it.    (It reminds me of 8 year old boys arguing
Godzilla vs. Mothra....)

My point to Ruth was simply that people should not compare themselves or
their loved ones to such lofty levels of achievement, that they should let
others make the comparison if it is to be made at all.

No flames to her, or to you


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