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Harry Mc Gonigal blueta2@ENTER.NET
Tue Jul 15 20:11:15 EDT 1997

> >That does it.  Please don't mention Bird.  A few years back his son
> >Baird tried to rob my store at 3am in the morning.  I held him there at
> >gunpoint untill the police came.  It inspired my song "Life Under The
> >Gun" on my third release. Baird plays jazz, but that night he had the
> >Blues.  RFH
> Harry,
> I think this went over my head...   You were kidding right?
> DC

Don, I was having some fun.  Although I was not kidding about the
robery.  It happened just like I said.  I laugh about it now.  Baird
Parker was a customer at my vintage guitar shop.  I knew him from the
town of New Hope.  He performed at a club that I also worked at.  He
came in and looked at a 1954 Les Paul.  He loved it.  Said he would be
back for it.  He showed up on a sat night but I had Thorogoods band over
for dinner and we were down in the store jammin untill 4am. He got tired
and went home, came back the next night and threw a cinderblock through
the  window and was looking for the guitar when I burst in with a gun.
His only words were "Please don't Shoot Me!"  I had him lay face down
untill the police came. It seems he had been doing this for a
while.(stealing). I still love his dad's playing.  RFH
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