Dr. Steve sbriggs@LOG.ON.CA
Tue Jul 15 19:54:34 EDT 1997

Hi Liane!  Well...

I'm sending this from home, so if you get this, I guess your folks will have
internet capability soon.

My god, is this thing EVER slow!!!

It DOES seem to work though. My 486 seems about on par with Tim's old
system, and yours, if possibly slightly slower, but certainly not any
hardship. The GBFS computer is about 1/4 the speed on the internet as mine,
and this dinosaur is probably 1/16th as fast (if you can call that "fast").

This beast has a really ancient vid card, so most images look very grainy. I
can actually access all the pages on the Summerfolk site, now that I have
put up the frameless index, but have no Java capability, so navigation is
even slower (you must hit the normal link back to the main index whenever a
new page is desired, and then wait for the index to load in again every
time). This is a real education in how to program web sites, when you
realize that maybe 10-15% of people trying to access your site have to cope
with this technology! Even my original internet rig was quicker. Oh well,
what do you want for free, eh?

It only took   ***2 hours***   to massage this thing enough to get it

Anyhow, give your dad a call and tell him to get an internet account if he
wants to. I guess that depends on when we will next get to Dunany to deliver
the PC.

Anyway, I'm off to surf (nay, crawl through) the net for a while.

Love, Steve.

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