Average age

Patrick Hertel blues-l@CYBERUS.CA
Tue Jul 15 19:04:01 EDT 1997

 Well let's see I was born in 1950 which would
my average age round about 23.5 or so .....

When is rock blues or vice versa? There is no "point"
or line. You can substitute several forms for "rock" in that
statement. Its a fuzzy continuum and even at the extremes you will get arguments.

 Why I think I'll wave a red flag here just to prove it ....
Sugar blue aint the blues, Michael Hill's Blues Mob (first CD)
aint blues (DUCK here come Ian!), Curtis Salgados CD
"More Than You Can Chew" - N  B  C
 Okay those are actually my humble opinions but watch the
discussion that ensues. There is no "line" there is no "point"
and you can try to find, define, invent one until you drop.
 I'm not "right" but then I'm not "wrong" either :)

Pat Hertel
"Tuesdays just as bad.."

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