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Don Cicchetti dcicchet@LASIERRA.EDU
Tue Jul 15 18:15:00 EDT 1997

Ruth said:  (edit edit)

>Max would NEVER brag about himself nor would he ask me to brag about
>him.  What I have said about him are my own words and my own opinion. If
>you asked Max in person whether he was a good guitarist, he would say,
>"this is what I've done with my life, here's a tape, you judge for
>yourself. I'm not the fastest guitarist and my repertoire is not as
>extensive as someone like Danny Gatton.  I just try to be myself." He's
>actually a very humble person.
>A very humble person with a big-mouthed wife :)

THERE!!  Bingo you got right to the heart of it!

Now listen closely please...

Max may be:

-a nice guy

-the greatest player since Stevie

-humble and gracious, witty, wise, and kind

But from what I have heard, I expect Max to be a snobby, somewhat hostile,
hotshot player with great chops and no feel, who will be known as the
hottest player in Bumpoke Iowa some day...

And I'll bet that ain't true...   I'll bet he's a nice guy who is a good


(or Muddy or SRV, or Johnny, or Robert Johnson, or Bach, or Ellington
either) ok?

thanks so much


ps, there are so many ways to torpedo a career in music...  I can't tell
you...   A producer friend of mine sat down with me one day and we played
the game of "why didn't so-and-so make it"...  One of us would rattle off a
name, and the other guy would say why they didn't become successful, and
there were always reasons and good ones.   Insecurity, lack of drive, not
enough originality, not enough songwriting talent, not enough vocal talent,
dope, arrogance, paranoia, laziness, oh, and hype...   People *hate*
hype...   A little buzz, a little demure bragging to a friend, but not hype
and absurd comparisons.

You don't want to hurt Max do you?

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