Official Statement Regarding Luther Allison's Medical Condition

Beverly Howell
Tue Jul 15 16:03:56 EDT 1997

--- P R E S S   R E L E A S E ---

From:  Beverly Howell
Howell Productions, Inc.

acting on behalf of:

Miki Mulvehill
Blue Sky Artist Management


July 15, 1997 - For Immediate Release

Official Statement Regarding Luther Allison's Medical Condition

We are deeply saddened to announce that on July 10, 1997, Luther Allison was
diagnosed with lung cancer and metastatic brain tumors.  He is undergoing
treatment and looking forward to returning to the stage as soon as he is in

Unfortunately, rumors have flourished since cancellation of Luther's upcoming
dates. Please be advised that official statements with FACTS generated by
those professionals qualified to post on Luther's behalf will be available
only through the following websites; please disregard statements posted

All your prayers, smiles, and positive thoughts are deeply appreciated.
 Luther wants you to know, "You are so beautiful to me."


Please do not reply to this email address.  Future updates will be posted to
the websites referenced above.

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