Maxed out....

Don Cicchetti dcicchet@LASIERRA.EDU
Tue Jul 15 15:08:37 EDT 1997

Ruth said:

>Hi Harry, my husband has the same problem. He can play Hendrix as well
>as Hendrix but he can also play Stevie Ray Vaughn and Smokin' Joe Kubek
>as well as they (not that I'm bragging, of course.)


Ruth, don't get me wrong, I'm glad you are here, and I am sure that Max is
a good player, but I think you get some of the flack from people sometimes
because of this sort of thing.

Couple of points:

1. Max is not on this list.   We wish he was, but he is not.   Perhaps he
could join, and you wouldn't have to hype him so much?    ;-]

2. Puhlleeeze...   NO ONE can play Jimi as well as Jimi.   Even SRV, who
did a wonderful "Voodoo Chile" and got pretty close, still didn't quite
nail it.


Of course, no one can play DC as well as me, or Ruth V. as well as you, or
Riffin' Rick as well as him.

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