Blues or Rock Which is it?

ruth Vadi ruth_vadi@HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Jul 15 13:31:35 EDT 1997

>First of all, Ruth, Icecream Man is NOT a Van Halen song! It's a John
>Brim song, written way back.
I know.  I love the original too.  But Van Halen covered it.  I should
have said Van Halen's VERSION of the John Brim song.

>There is no way in hell that Van Halen's version of it is Blues, I
>give a damn what you of your husband Max says!

Max didn't say that.  I did.  Max doesn't even like Van Halen.  Where
did you get THAT idea?
>If you really think that Van Halen is Blues, then you need to do some
>serious thinking about what the Blues really is.
>Sometimes you gotta think before you speak, sometimes you gotta just
>know something.

That was not meant in total seriousness, Mark.  I meant no disrespect to
the blues.

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