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Tue Jul 15 11:24:17 EDT 1997

>Date:         Tue, 15 Jul 1997 01:00:46 -0400
>From: Ryan Hartt <>
>Subject:      Re: age -Reply
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><< >>> Gary Joneson <gjones@QB.ISLAND.NET> 07/14/97 01:44pm >>>
> >>>If I had to guess, I'd say the average age on
> >>>] blues-l is around 39-40.
> >Okay -- who's out there draggng the average down?
>  >>
>     I'm 23. Am I the youngest on the list? I'm always the youngest in
>band, the youngest at blues shows and the youngest in my family.
Please, for
>once, don't let me be the youngest. Do I hear 22?
>     Ryan Hartt
Josh Wynne-Jones (sp?) just turned 17 so you are an old fogey compared
to him, Ryan.  I used to be the youngest all the time because I started
school a year early.  I hated it too.  Then when I got past the age of
the average American, being the youngest didn't seem like such a bad
thing :)

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