Howlin' Wolf on Aussie TV

Martin Dunstan
Tue Jul 15 11:12:33 EDT 1997

Any Aussies (and I know you're out there!) catch "Dancing in the
Street" on ABC television on Saturday night?  This excellent BBC
series of one hour documentaries traces the history of modern Rock
and Roll from it's birthplace in the Delta.  Has it ever screened in the US?
Seems like you guys get a lot more blues on TV, which is only right I

Saturday's episode was about the migration of R&B across the
Atlantic to the UK, and the interest in the Chicago Blues scene taken
by the likes of Van Morrison, The Stones, Eric Clapton, Eric Burden,
John Mayall (BTW...any opinions on his latest release?), and Jeff

So we had a short (and I mean short) clip of the 'Wolf at his London
sessions - what a big imposing man he was.  The Chess brothers were
interviewed regarding the recording of the Stones second album (I think
I've got this right!).  We heard how the Yardbirds went on without
Clapton, eventually reinventing themselves as Led Zeppelin.  It was
either a desciption of Led Zeppelin's music, or Hendrix's, as "like heavy metal
falling from the sky" that led to the genre we have come to know as
Heavy Metal (it's gone downhill since, IMHO!!).

The career of Jimi Hendrix was discussed - I didn't know that he had
played with Little Richard.   Who else did he back??  ....And that he was
moving back to his "roots" musically at the time of his death (I was
a bit young to take much notice back then.....yes, I'm your slightly
oder than average 'zeller at 42!).  Are there any recordings of
Hendrix doing "down home" blues available?

The program opened and closed with a of rows of shotgun shacks in the
delta, and the music of Robert Johnson.  Moving stuff.

Martin Dunstan
Warrnambool, AUSTRALIA

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