Women on Blues-L; AMG

Mike And Char Salviasp@aol.com
Tue Jul 15 01:32:32 EDT 1997

<<I just got a message from another blueseller saying that I was the only
female he knew of on blues-l.  So I sent him this list of female
bluesellers I could think of off the top of my head (alphabetically):

Robin Banks
Lea Gilmore
Karen Hanson
Karen Leslie(?)
Maggie Mortonsen
Cathi Norton
Shannon O'Connor
Ann Rabson
Melanie Sattler
Marcia Selko

Omission on my part is unintentional.  Did I forget anyone?  Ladies,
please make your presence known! - Ruth>>

Sorry I didn't reply sooner.  My husband, Mike & I share an e-mail for the
blue-l and jazz-l.  No, I didn't get into music just to please him.  Actually
we met back in college because I was talking about music to a girlfriend and
he started to show off his knowledge!  Over the years, we became real
fanatics.  We like many types of music, and have met friends through that.

The major reason I didn't reply sooner is I started a new day job two months
ago, and also he just started a new job nearly a month ago.  On top of that,
I regularly for to the Blues Web (three cheers for editor/webmaster Gary
Joneson!) and just started working p/t for AMG.  You can guess free time does
not exist in my life.

I do want to say thank you to the fellow Blues-L members.  I may have not
always been timely reading the mail, or agreeing to some opinions, but I've
certainly learned a lot (the same goes for Mike) and I owe it to you for
finding out about the writing position at AMG.

Char Ham

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