Remember your first public gig?

R. BANK$ & M. Martin rbanks@MAIL.WINCOM.NET
Tue Jul 15 01:23:48 EDT 1997

I'm assuming you mean paying gig, not Christmas recitals, school &
church choir solos etc.

My first real gig was with a rock band in about 1979. I was 16 and my
mom had to accompany me to the bar in a neighboring town cause I was too
young to be in a hotel.

I remember feeling like this was it... this was what I had been dreaming
about, practicing for... this was my destiny!!! Starry eyed or what?

If I remember correctly, the guitar player and leader of the band wanted
to bring me into the act perminently, but the bass player said, "no way
man, we don't want no chicks in the band".

Funny, just a couple of years ago, my band was playing at a local bar
and that same bass player came into the club. He apparently had just
returned to town after living out west for 15 or more years. I don't
think he realized I was the same "chick"... He had some friend of his
come up to me and ask me if he could sit in with my band... Of course I
said NO!

ROBIN BANK$ still at it...

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