Chitlin circuit

Bill Salmon netfest@MYCROFT.MEXIA.COM
Tue Jul 15 01:06:30 EDT 1997

<<Well thanks folks, I'm getting heaps of feedback on the chitlin
circuit!  So chitlins are pigs intestines eh?  Sounds gross,, I
mean, great!!

How does the chitlin circuit differ from the juke joints of the
south?  Are they one and the same, or is the chitlin circuit
comprised of somewhat more grand establishments than your average
juke?  (Wild Bill mentions the Cotton Club in Harlem and the Regal in
Chicago as examples of the chitlin circuit - are these more upmarket

 Is there still a chitlin circuit as such, or how have things

the true chitlin circuit consisted of small, but popular black clubs in the DEEP south, and had nothing to do with the cotton club etc.. that is like comparing HOB type blues to real blues clubs.. there are still a lot of the real chitlin clubs around,  they play blues, dominoes, and pool.. come to Texas, and I will show some of them to you..

Bill Salmon

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