Reuters: Luther Allison

Reg Burns ryburns@SWBELL.NET
Tue Jul 15 00:59:49 EDT 1997

Arthur Schuna wrote:
> >CHICAGO (Reuter) - Paris-based blues guitarist and singer Luther Allison,
> >57, has been stricken with inoperable lung cancer, his record label said
> >Wednesday.
> >
> >Allison was diagnosed July 10 after suffering dizziness and loss of
> >coordination during a recent concert tour, and was in a Madison, Wis.,
> >hospital. Doctors found the lung cancer had spread to his brain.
> I was at this show at the Barrymore Theater on July 10th.  Can't say I saw any
> outward signs of problems.  The man played with all of the fire and power he
> has on the other occassions I've seen him.  He was even doing leaps at the end
> of some of his numbers.  It was truly a shock to find out how sick he was at
> the time.  He played for about 1 1/2 hr then came on for an encore set.
> Art Schuna

Art, I'm really devistated by Mr. Allison's complications.  I only met
him once, but was floored by his sincerity and that of his wife Rocky.
I saw him before his big rediscovery, he played 3+ hours for about 45-50
patrons...what a pro.  My guess (unless it was a festival setting) is if
he only played 1 1/2 hours, he was definitely having some problems.
I've never heard of Mr. Allison playing less than about 2 1/2 - 3 hours
in a club setting.  My thoughts and prayers are with him...if anyone can
overcome this, he can.

Reg Burns - Houston, TX

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