Big Walter

Dale Schimpf bluesmus@CYBERUS.CA
Mon Jul 14 22:00:24 EDT 1997

Leonard Watkins wrote:
> What is THE Big Walter recording to have.
> I have BW Live At The Knickerbocker and El Mocamba, but I'd really like to
> hear the BEST Big Walter that's available.
> Thanks
> Leonard

Well, according to the AMG, the best BW can be heard on the Chicago/The
Blues Today!,Vol3 which includes BW with Johnny Shines, the Johnny Young
South Side Blues Band, and BW's Blues Harp Band(with Charlie

The only one I have is Soul of the Blues Harmonica which only got 3
stars as opposed to the previously mentioned album's 5 stars. The one I
have is pretty darn good so I cant wait to hear the other one!

5 out of 11 albums reviewed in AMG got 5 stars. The EL Mocombo only got
1 star so looks like you can't do any worse Leonard, it's all up hill
from there according to AMG :-)

Dale S.

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