Is Hartford normally this dead during the summer???

Dave Carpenter 103156.340@COMPUSERVE.COM
Mon Jul 14 21:29:24 EDT 1997

Message text written by Dave Carpenter
>This is really unfortunate. I think there are a number of factors at work such
as those already mentioned. I'm constantly telling people that the Pauli's-Black
Eyed Sally's area really is safe at night, but they just don't believe it.<


Oops! Posted this to the wrong list. Sorry. It probably looks pretty bleak out
of context. The southern New England blues scene is one of the busiest in
existence. And those comments about that particular dj! Those were intended for
someone who would recognize that I was referring to him from our having that
exact conversation. I bust him about it often. In fact, he has suddenly found
himself overwhelmed with clubs buying time on his show, 4 or 5 clubs that I can
think of at the moment. Hopefully this will help to turn the slow nights around.

Dave Carpenter

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