House of Blues?

Barry Ford bford@GREENWOOD.NET
Mon Jul 14 20:18:37 EDT 1997

R. BANK$ & M. Martin wrote:

> Just watched the hour long special on the Houses of Blues on Access
> Hollywood.
> I got one question...
> K.C and the Sunshine Band, Tony Bennett, Lynard Skynard, Doobie
> Brothers, 38 Special... not one bona fide BLUES artist...
> Hmmmmmm, someone's makin' a lot a cash with the word Blues, but,
> A very disappointed ROBIN BANK$

 I don't know about the other House of Blues, but in Myrtle Beach the
blues are in the restaurant. They have three venues there. The big room
is called the Rex Ballroom, the restaurant is called the BB Blues Room,
and  they also have an outdoor patio area ( I can't remember what it's
called). They book great blues acts in the restaurant for a week at a
time, from Thur. to Wed. Strange as it may seem, they don't advertise
who is playing in this room. However, they do a show (and advertise it)
in the Rex on Wednesday night at 7:30 featuring the act that is closing
out their week in the restaurant opening for the act that is beginning
their week-long gig.
     My main act, Nappy Brown & The Electric City Blues Band, followed
Luther 'Guitar Jr.' Johnson into the BB Blues Room in early June and
they were followed by Paul Mark & the Van Dorens the next week. Nappy
and the band also played this room on Grand Opening night while  James
Brown and the Blues Bozos( er...I meant Brothers) were playing the Rex
Ballroom. Looking at the HOB calendar for July, I see Joanna Connor,
Jimmy Thackery, Anson Funderburgh, and Tinsley Ellis listed for these
early Wednesday night shows, which means that they are playing the
restaurant stage for a week.
     The pay in the restaurant isn't great compared to what these acts
would make doing one-nighters, but most acts relish the chance to take
what is considered to be a working  vacation.
HOB puts us up in some very nice ocean-front condos for the week.
     So, I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you look beyond the
posted schedules at the HOB, there is plenty of blues to be found. At
least in Myrtle Beach!

Barry Ford
Bamboo Road Entertainment

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