Rochester NY clubs

David J. Jones djj2@CORNELL.EDU
Mon Jul 14 16:12:40 EDT 1997

 SMIRKYFACE <blmclean@NETAXS.COM> wrote:

>My friend (and great blues vocalist) Georgie's going to be in Rochester
>NY this coming weekend. He wants to go out to a couple of blues clubs in
>the area. Any info would be helpful. Thanks.

Brian and any other zellers that may be in the Rochchacha area next week:

    Here's a web site for Rochester, NY coffee houses:

    It has a clickable may to get info. from.  I don't know of any blues
clubs in Roch. NY.

    For what it is worth the best blues in central upstate NY on the weekend
of July 18, 19, & 20 is in Syracuse.  Syracuse is about an hour east from
Roch. on the NY State Thruway.  The 6th annual New York State "Budwiser"
Blues Festival will feature: Saffire-UBW, Kenny Neal, Marcia ball, The Paul
Delay Band, Lavelle White and a host of others.

   The web site address is:

   For further info. call (800) 234-4797

    So Brian tell your friend to skip Rochester and go to Syracuse for the


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