NBC: American Woman: yes, the song

Shannon O'Connor Shannon_O'Connor@SWPCO.COM
Mon Jul 14 14:07:50 EDT 1997

Shannon O'Connor@ITP
07/14/97 02:07 PM

Correct in that it was The Guess Who, and correct in that Randy Bachman was
in The Guess Who and went on to form Bachman-Turner overdrive.  However,
vocalist on "American Woman" was the incomparable Burton Cummings.  One of
my all-time favorite voices in pop/rock music....and The Guess Who was one
of my all-time favorite groups.

Even if they were Canadians.


] I'm kind of embarassed to ask this, but it's driving me nuts and no one
] answer me definitely.  Who sang the 70's schlock rock anthem "American
] Woman?"  You know, "we don't want your war-war-war machines."
I'm even more embarassed to know the answer.
The Guess Who, featuring Randy Bachman, who went on to form Bachman-Turner

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