Leonard's "David Maxwell" post...

Mon Jul 14 12:26:15 EDT 1997

...in which LW said that with all of those great artists, we must have one
hell of a blues scene here in Massachusetts!

To which I reply, you bet your booty!  :-) Not only do we have all of those
great artists on Maxwell's album and others you included, but Jerry Portnoy
makes his home here, I see him in clubs (not playing) all the time, and
then just half hour away into tiny, cozy Rhode Island we've got that whole
crowd that is a big part of the Mass blues scene, Duke Robillard & His Band,
Roomful of Blues, etc.  Remember, the New England states are small, so luckily
for us all of the "outer" states' bluesmen/women all include themselves in
the Boston/Massachusetts blues world, which is pretty much in the center,
[hence Boston's nickname, "The Hub"].

A few months ago I reported here about an intimate, private blues party that
I was humbled to have been "in" on, and that great showing of Massachusetts
blues talent (well Rhode Isalnd too) was onstage Duke Robillard, Jay Geils,
Gerry Beaudoin (jazz/blues), and in the crowd just hanging out were Jerry
Portnoy and Ronnie Earl.

We do INDEED have a great blues scene here, and I'm happy to have gotten
tapped into it enough that my band crosses paths with these future legends
on a fairly frequent basis because we play all the same rooms, basically.

It sounds kind of funny to say it, but of the few dozen major cities around
the country, you could definitely recommend Boston as one of THE places to
come see blues, any night of the week.  I open the calendar section of the
paper any ol' time,and I can't believe the number of great national acts
that I'M MISSING, every day. *whew!*  just can't keep up.....

Happy as clam chowdah to be in New England! :-)  Ayuh.

Riffin Rick

ps. don't ask me, you can't get there from here.  heh-heh :-)

Senior Research Assistant,
& Marine Facilities Manager
Worcester Foundation for Biomedical Research

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