T. Warp: Blues Content, All Kidding Aside

Joshua Miles Aldin Joshaldin@aol.com
Mon Jul 14 12:13:35 EDT 1997

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(Scott McCraw) writes:

 I don't think that this age discussion is inherently as blithe as it's being
 made out to be.  If the people reading and responding to these posts may be
seen as a cross-section of blues fans (albeit it a skewed one certainly) a
 discussion of age could be as illuminating as the race and gender tangents
 which generate no end of discussion.  And, since we've all been, or will be
 20, 21, 22, etc. it would eliminate the flame potential of the prior topics.
 The age of the participants could potentially speak volumes about the types
 of blues that is reissued and covered.  I'm 28.  My mother is 53.

Hi. I am new on the blues-l and am 20. My mother would kill me if I told her
age (she is Mary Katherine Aldin who produces a lot of CDs, and she is the
one who told me about this group) but she always says that she wishes more
people my age group were into blues. Her own age group is into it because she
used to go see all those people and knew them when they were alive. I grew up
with it all around me but spent more time listening to my faves, Zep, and
less time listening to her faves, Muddy & Co, until the past two years or so.
Now I understand what she was talking about all the time!  But I don't think
age matters as much as personal taste because my sister who's 28 doesn't
listen to it at all (her husband is a drummer in a.club dance band). Next, to
Dick Waterman who cooked that great barbeque chicken at my birthday parties:
I read on this list that today is your birthday, so happy birthday man! And
from my mom too, I know she would say many more.
This is my first  email post to the list and I like what I have been reading
so far.

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