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Message text written by "Lea A. Gilmore"
>He said, "I am often asked why as a 'white boy' I chose to play the blues?"
 Then after a short moment he responded with, "what makes you think I *had* a

This brought to mind a comment by a well-known athelete (I can't remember who)
who, when asked why he married a white woman, replied "For the same reason I
hope you married your wife - because I love her."

Oh yeah, and another thing just popped into my too-tired brain. A while back, I
had a spur-of-the moment opportunity to sit in on an interview with Maceo
Parker. It was sort of an Ed McMahon thing for me-one of our Jazz show hosts was
doing the interview and I happened to drop by the studio, the Jazz host asked me
if I wanted to join him. Our Jazz guy had solicited questions from some of our
other staff members and one suggested "What's the difference between the
audiences you played for 30 years ago and the audiences you play for now,"
clearly looking for the difference in racial makeup of the crowds. Maceo floored
us with his answer "30 years ago, they were screaming for James Brown, now
they're screaming for Maceo Parker." I still laugh when I think about it.

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