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>None of this "let's see how many licks I can cram in here" nonsense. <

First off, I'm not looking to get anything started here. This sort of comment
(which I often agree with, depending on the context) came to mind Friday night
as I was thoroughly enjoying Big Jack Johnson cramming lots of licks in there. I
try to catch Jack every time he comes through here. Just love to watch him play.
Now if I can only get him to stop bopping me in the shoulder with those huge
hands, it hurts sometimes. The show was a double bill with Guitar Shorty. GS
told me he'll be heading into the studio soon. Jack's disc is in progress, the
tracks have been recorded, and Little Anthony will be adding keyboards to some
of the cuts. It was a terrific show, I was able to introduce a couple of friends
to Jack's music (one also hadn't seen or heard Guitar Shorty). We all had a good
time along with all in attendance. Art Tipaldi was filming (I presume for his
Blues In The Schools program). We left just before GS went out to play in the
street. Sorry we missed that, but we were beat. For those going to the Poconos,
Jack will be playing Shenanigan's on Saturday night.
     Kenny Blue Ray content: Kenny's discs regularly make our Top 20 lists, and
I always look forward to getting the next KBR disc. He'll be producing Jackie
Payne for JSP. Kenny's one of those guys you really should hear if you haven't
     If memory serves, Jimmy Morello was Pat Boyack's front man.

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