Queen City Blues Festival

Debra Eisert debra@IGLOU.COM
Mon Jul 14 10:52:41 EDT 1997

I had intended to write a well reasoned critique of last weekend's
activities.  Well, we are know about intentions....

One reason reviewing is hard for me is that when I enjoy, I get into
the music, and don't bother remembering stuff like titles, and (ARGH)
sometimes even band names! Luckily most of the performers that I was
able to hear fell into this category.

Due to work schedule, I got to the festival grounds late on Friday,
just in time to hear a band called _____ and Serious Business.  They
played a diverse set,  primarily blues/rock (including a Phish cover,
to my Dead-Head husband's delight.).  I would like to hear more from
them.  The other bands were good,  but not outstanding.

Work again getting in the way on Saturday, we got there just in time
to hear Bob Margolin's set start.  (Bless my husband who dropped me off
and then parked the car!)  He played some new songs, some Muddy Waters
songs and really got the crowd up and dancing.  A special treat for me
was when he called Gaye Adegbalola up on stage for "Let the Good Times
Roll."  When Pinetop Perkins was introduced,  it just made a good set
even more electric (despite some technical problems with his piano.)
Then it was off for a blur of selling beer tickets.

Due to my "real job" and festival volunteer work, I didn't get to hear
much of this years music.  :(   But the impressions I got were mainly
positive.  There was a fairly diverse mix of ages, races and nationalities.
(Although the average seemed to be 30-ish white.)  Many people had brought
their kids.  Just to add atmosphere,  the American Queen cruise boat
steamed by on the Ohio River, calliope playing.

Interestingly, when I wore my t-shirt defining lonely ("a liberal in
Cincinnati") several folks saw fit to comment.  When I wore my blues-l
shirt,  nobody did.  And I couldn't identify anyone else from the list
there.  Oh well.  No matter,  it was a good time even when it was hard

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