African American Fife and Drum Music

Mon Jul 14 05:40:08 EDT 1997

Hi folks. Glad to be back on the list after going no-mail for  my extended
to trip to the UK. I am beginning to do some research about African American
fife and drum music and it's connection to Thomas Jefferson. I am looking for
any sources that other blues-l folks might be able to suggest. I understand
that Jefferson's valet had a fife and drum band and if I'm lucky I can get
Monticello interested in this (their head researcher was very suprised when I
approached her about this over the weekend and she doesn't have any knowledge
of this aspect of Jeffersonia). I think this would bring a different vision of
colonial life into the forefront as well as help convince them to
bring Othar Turner and any other surviving fife and drummers to town to show
them what is left of the tradition . Any help would be appreciated and I look
forward to getting together with everyone next week at the convention.



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