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R. BANK$ & M. Martin rbanks@MAIL.WINCOM.NET
Mon Jul 14 00:20:18 EDT 1997

Well, after listening to the Kenny Blue Ray CD, "In All Of My Life", on
JSP records, I must say that it was definately worth the wait!
        We (my husband Mark and I) had been hearing and reading about Kenny
Blue Ray for the last couple of years, since his spotlight in Guitar
Player magazine. He sounded like the kind of cat that we'd be interested
in hearing since he's a strat player with basicly most of the same major
influences as Mark has, that being, Albert King, Magic Sam, Albert
Collins etc.
        Thanks to the Blues-L we've been able to cyber-meet Kenny and order one
of his CD's from him. It arrived in the mail late last week and now I
finally have time to sit down and give y'all an idea of where it's at!
        First impressions? I'll tell you our exact words as the first 1/2
minute of the first track, "I Can't Take It" passed. I said, "Yeah, this
sounds good", Mark said, "Great guitar tone, I like the reverb".
        Kenny's overall playing style (at least on this record) is very Albert
Collins influenced, although Freddy King, Jimmie Vaughan and JLH stuff
can be heard throughout his efforts, not to say that he doesn't have his
own voice. His guitar playing is very understated and the man plays with
sincerity and restraint, not all choppy and overplayed. None of this
"let's see how many licks I can cram in here" nonsense. And above all,
he's got a great guitar tone which is sooooooo important.
        The songwriting is very strong too. A lot of catchy shuffles... a great
soul/R&B tune called "In All My Life" (title track) featuring a fabulous
soulful singer, Jackie Payne. In fact Jackie sings three of the 14
(count em 14!) tracks on this CD.
        Jimmy Morello (I know that name from somewhere, help me out...) also
sings on three tracks as well. He's got a great voice too, very Darryl
Neulish/Kim Wilson sounding. Jimmy sings thru a harp mike on "What's On
Your Mind". It's cool, I dig him! He also drums on "Blues for the
        Charlie Chavez plays harp and sings on one track, "You Got Me Nervous".
Cool tune, like Jimmie Vaughan meets JLH.
        Solid rhythm section of Frank DeRose on bass and Kevin Coggins on most
drums. Organ tracks thoughout almost the entire CD by Austin DeLeon,
adds considerably, as always, to the full rich sound. Horns, compliments
of Rob Suddoth/b&t saxes and John Firmin/t sax, on a couple of tracks
also adds to the variety on this CD.
        Overall, a fine Blues effort. My favorites are "In All My Life" and
"Bluesman For Life". Mark's picks are "Blues For the Iceman" and "What's
on Your Mind".
        Kenny co produced the entire CD with Jimmy Morello and they did an
excellent job of it. A great sounding record instrumentally and also the
sound quality is great. Very well recorded.
        Watch out for this guy, he's hot. Can't wait to see him live. We're
also looking forward to hearing some of his earlier stuff.

For more info, see his website at...

Until next time...

ROBIN BANK$ & Mark Martin

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