Back from Blues Heaven...

Lea A. Gilmore
Sun Jul 13 22:23:24 EDT 1997

Hi there Blues-L'ers!

I am back from a week of blues saturation.  There were many times when I said
,"this  *must* be heaven!".

I spent a week at "Common Ground on the Hill" on the campus of Western
Maryland College.  Guy Davis and Scott Anslie taught acoustic blues guitar
(Piedmont and the songs of Robert Johnson; Cary Wolfson (publisher of BLUES
ACCESS mag) taught a "Blues Appreciation Course"; and I taught a "Dialogue on
Race Relations" thang.  Each night there were jams of all  musical styles
(bluegrass, celtic, gospel, etc.).  It was too much fun!  (LOL!  *I* {and
those of you who know me, know why this is so funny} even sang an Appalacian
song with banjo genius Tony Trishka).

Tuesday night was BLUES NIGHT!   I performed.  A VERY special thank you to
Steve Levine (Yes, Blues-L's own) who joined our group and blew some
_serious_harp.  He is a talented guy!  Guy and Scott played as well as some
Chicago-style electric stuff (I like to sing mostly acoustic blues...). Cary
M.C,.'ed the night.  Scott did a version of "Come On In My Kitchen" that
brought tears to my eyes.  I HIGHLY recommend his CD "Jealous of the Moon."
 Guy debuted some new songs and we sang very cool old ones. :-)

I have been "no mail" for a while, so if I have missed anything "good" just
drop me a line. :-)  (Hi Cathi and Robin!)

Looking forward to the Blues-L Convention and jammin' with the talented folks
on the list!

Yes, I am still in the blues writing business:  Does anyone have any bio
info. on Cathy Winter and Mary Roberts?


Lea Gilmore
Baltimore, MD
"Wild Women Don't Have the Blues!"

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