Time Warp/Average etc.

Ivan Pechanec IVANTHEN@aol.com
Sun Jul 13 08:32:39 EDT 1997

   Ryan Hartt recently wrote commenting on the future of the blues.  My two
cents worth. Take his comments and add the following:   clubs that feature
tobacco smoke, super late show start times, excessive alcohol consumption
with its related affect on patrons,  locations where you really don't want to
go after dark and indifference on the part of club management all add up to a
shaky future for the blues.   Outdoor concerts are nice, but what do
performers and fans do in the winter time?
   My "yuppie" children do not understand my blues affliction and have cited
all of the above for reasons that they do not support the blues.  Unless we
clean up our collective act, the blues is going to suffer.  Lets hear from
the lurkers on this.

"the foam eye plug man"

PS   With all the happy zellers goin' to the convention---will someone be
appointed the "designated reporter" and report back to the rest of us

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