Half Life of the Blues

Bill Salmon netfest@MYCROFT.MEXIA.COM
Sat Jul 12 21:45:29 EDT 1997

<<There can be little doubt that the blues is on one of its all too
infrequent upswings, mainly because many (dare I say most) of you have
reached an age and level of stability and financial security where you have a
little extra dough to buy CDs, subscribe to magazines, buy computers, and go
to live blues shows etc.>>

A lot of snipping.. general idea "the blues are a recurrent temporary phenomenon"...

I remember hearing that same thing 15 or 20 years ago, but then it was "country is a temporary phenomenon.."

Can Blues maintain or in fact gain a substantial segment of the market (popular appeal)?

I believe ART must strike a chord that resonates in the soul of the public for art to be accepted and appreciated, any form of art..

Can the blues accomplish this?  Yes, of course.. but those of us who are involved in the blues MUST make an effort to expose the general public to the beauty of this art form..

We must be open minded, tolerant and adaptable.. nothing will generate negative feed back more than an iconoclastic, narrow minded insistence that the blues must conform to our notion of what the blues are..

As happened with country music, the acceptance of an evolved form of the blues will lead to an awareness and appreciation of the blues as a whole, and a return to the roots of the blues and the tradition and heart of the blues..

It requires an interest and understanding of any form of music to generate a love for that form of music.. 

As we expose the general public to the beauty and humanity of the blues, we will generate an appreciation and love of the blues.. 


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