Blues Lyrics: Dust My Broom

Paul J. Edwards paul.edwards@SNET.NET
Sat Jul 12 19:31:48 EDT 1997

I'll have to break out an old Guitar Player magazine interview with
Robert Lockwood Jr. where they ask him about the same topic. He stated
that the correct lyrics are Dust My Room. It does fit in with your
statement as he would be dusting (leaving) the room he was staying at
the time. Blues men were a transient lot.

I will admit he was an old man at the time of the interview!

P.W. Fenton wrote:

> At 02:42 PM 7/12/97 -0400, Paul J. Edwards said...
> .
> >Some people think it's Dust My Room.
> >which supports you theory.
> This would be the first I've ever heard of anyone thinking it was
> "Dust My
> Room", which incidentally does not fit the way I interpreted the
> lyrics.
> Oddly, Elmore James may have contributed some confusion over the
> lyrics
> when he later recorded "Dust My Blues" for another label.  It was
> basically
> the same song with a reworking of the lyrics.  (He did two more
> variations
> as well)
> But "Dust My Room" sounds more like a Wierd Al Yankovich parody.
> P.W. Fenton
> Tampa, Florida

Paul J. Edwards

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